The Human Touch in eCommerce Fulfillment: The Role of Dedicated Account Managers

The Human Touch in eCommerce Fulfillment: The Role of Dedicated Account Managers

To give you a flavor of the importance of having a 3PL partner that uses dedicated account managers in eCommerce fulfillment, consider the following scenario:

You’re staying at a hotel in Chicago, and have an important presentation that afternoon with a prospective client that could easily be your #1 account for the year. You unzip your garment bag, only to discover that your nice gray suit has a noticeable stain on the label. Panicked, you call the concierge desk and are assured that it will be taken care of within the hour. The suit is quickly cleaned and pressed, the meeting goes off without a hitch, and you land the account. That night, you’re toasting the accomplishment over dinner with colleagues.

OK, it’s not a personal concierge in this case, but you get the idea. Having a service provider that goes above and beyond what is required in a contract gets noticed, and gives you confidence that any snafu will be speedily addressed.

In the case of eCommerce fulfillment, a dedicated account manager is your personal concierge. They are available and willing to take on any task and ensure that your SLAs are met consistently. 

As the world becomes increasingly digital and automated, the personal touch and hands-on, can-do attitude of dedicated account managers makes a huge difference. They enhance your end customer experience by working with you to streamline the order fulfillment process.

The Role of Account Managers

The dedicated account manager acts as a single point of contact between your operations team and outsourced 3PL partner, relaying feedback and working to better align the process with your business goals.

Key responsibilities of a dedicated account manager at an eCommerce fulfillment center include:

  • Providing clear communication: through regular meetings, analytics, and feedback, the account manager ensures that concerns and issues are given top priority and addressed on a timely basis. And they’re always just a phone call away if a situation demands immediate attention. Having this direct line of communication helps to reduce miscommunications that can lead to costly errors.
  • Proactive problem-solving: The dedicated AM goes deep into your products, market, demand, and fulfillment goals in order to become a proactive problem solver. Instead of waiting for something to go wrong and then fixing it, the AM is trained to anticipate and course-correct a potential broken process or inventory adjustment.
  • Ensuring smooth onboarding and account setup: Your dedicated AM works closely with you to help simplify what can appear to be a complex and overwhelming process, walking you through every step. They provide tailored support, including making sure that system integration and inventory/webstore sync are set up properly prior to going live. 

Benefits to the Customer Experience

It’s not a secret that customer experience is king in eCommerce. Amazon and Zappos have set the bar high, so shoppers have come to expect great service, fast delivery, and 100% correct orders every time. If not, it’s Sayonara.

The hands-on approach of a dedicated account manager at your 3PL partner, through ongoing process review and analysis and KPI monitoring, helps minimize fulfillment errors and order delays. This creates a smoother, more reliable customer experience, enhancing loyalty and boosting CLV.

The Impact on Efficiency and Reliability

A dedicated account manager in eCommerce order fulfillment acts as a strategic partner for clients. They can offer valuable insights and make recommendations on how to optimize fulfillment processes and improve efficiency. By staying educated on the latest industry trends, best practices, and technologies, account managers can offer innovative solutions to help you grow your business and stay competitive.

Dedicated account managers are also highly trained and have extensive experience in eCommerce operations. They bring this wealth of knowledge to your operations. They understand the unique challenges of an online business and are equipped to provide expert advice on things like optimized workflow, inventory management, and best practices for line setup.

A Personalized Touch That Adds Business Value

Having a dedicated account manager from your 3PL involved in your day-to-day eCommerce fulfillment operations is like having an industry expert as an extension of your team. Through regular communication, reporting, assessment, and recommendations, their insights can translate into efficiency gains, improved KPIs, and better customer scores.

ShipBots, an innovative 3PL with eCommerce experience across industries, has its main fulfillment center in Gardena, Calif., just miles from the port of Los Angeles. Facilities in the Midwest and East Coast enable fast, cost-efficient delivery anywhere in the country. And their dedicated account managers ensure that you get a personalized eCommerce fulfillment solution that meets your needs and delivers results.

With easy integration into all major eCommerce platforms (Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, TikTok Shop, BigCommerce, eBay) and fast product store onboarding, ShipBots has the technology, team, and resources to grow with your business. Get a free quote today!

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