The Benefits of Cloud-Based Logistics for Shipping Companies

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Logistics for Shipping Companies

If overhauling your supply chain processes to offer a totally optimized and more satisfying user experience to your customers is on your mind, then cloud-based logistics can serve you well. Cloud-based shipping involves the integration of cloud tracking software with your logistics, so you can enjoy maximum visibility of your orders, always.

However, contrary to a common assumption, cloud-based shipping offers more than just convenient data storage, it enables easy access to information, real-time shipment tracking, and makes considerable reductions in cost and time spent on laborious tasks. It’s a wonderful solution for businesses dealing with massive volumes of orders, enabling quick and trackable shipments, and significantly lessening the stress on the personnel.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Shipping

A cloud-based shipping system takes control of eCommerce logistics and drives them towards optimization and enhanced productivity. Here’s a brief overview of what an efficient cloud-based shipping system is capable of.

  • Enabling tracking off all order shipments and packages in real-time with great precision
  • Allowing tracking of order shipments from a single centralized and consolidated platform
  • Offering customizable configurations to improve your required business processes
  • Allowing quick integration of carriers and the cloud software, making the onboarding process easy and simple
  • Enabling businesses to track the location of shipments and packages at each shipping stage and providing electronic signatures from the customer’s door, making the invoice accounting cycle faster
  • Offering flexible access to tracking data at any time and from anywhere
  • Enabling growth in technical capabilities as your supply chain and shipment volumes grow

Continue reading to learn more in-depth about the key advantages of cloud-based shipping, the problems it is capable of mitigating, and how your business can benefit from it.

Reduced Costs and Flexible Accessibility

When it comes to using technology to reduce significant amounts of storage costs and enjoy some ease in flexibility, businesses expect the solutions to cost a great deal. This is not an entirely wrong assumption, as technology-driven solutions have different types and quotes as well. For instance, on-premises technologies require the installation of special hardware and equipment to set up physical servers. Not only is the set-up complex and expensive, but on-premises technologies also require a dedicated team of IT professionals for utility, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

On the contrary, cloud-based shipping eases and streamlines a lot of tedious processes without adding much to your expenses. A cloud-based shipping model requires less upfront costs and enables growing businesses to function with ease and offer fast-paced marketing and order fulfillment. Using cloud-based shipping software, teams can ship and track huge volumes of orders without needing to make massive investments in internal resources, both in terms of equipment and IT personnel.

Cloud providing companies function through integration with the carrier network and existing supply chain software of businesses. Following integration, the cloud solutions host and manage shipping data, execute inbound and outbound shipping workflows including documentation and troubleshooting, and track shipments in real-time. Other functionalities include managing shipping costs, labeling and documenting orders, generating shipping reports of rate simulations, auditing invoices, and sending delivery notifications.

Growth Scalability

The world of shipping is a fast-evolving, dynamic industry, always needing to prepare and be ready to cater to the anticipated and unanticipated requirements. Seasons, events, weather conditions, natural disasters, and now the pandemic: all these factors greatly influence the shipping industry, and if there is a lack of proper planning and execution, businesses can suffer drastically. Cloud-based shipping software frees you from the need of managing separate physical servers and IT teams for the storage and accessibility of data. It offers your business the capabilities and opportunities required to grow.

Not only that, but the correct cloud solution also enables your business to perform wonderfully in times of increased customer demand such as the peak holiday season, and ensures completely trackable and quick order shipments and deliveries. Whether your business simply requires efficient labeling or streamlining the entire process of worldwide order fulfillment, the technical capabilities of a cloud solution will brilliantly handle each step of the shipment in any shipping scenario and landscape.

Centralized Platform with Real-time Tracking

The modern customers have high expectations from businesses, expecting quick and error-free order fulfillment, great customer support, and prompt exchanges or refunds in case of dissatisfaction. Businesses can simply not afford supply chain disruptions, as these enhanced expectations paired with the increased market competition and customer disappointment can lead to a major loss. Businesses need to meet in fact surpass customer expectations by reducing their lead times and fulfilling orders quickly.

The streamlined process requires forming partnerships with trusted and capable shipping carriers and using software that offers real-time and accurate updates on parcel locations. Sophisticated cloud-based systems empower your business with full visibility regarding shipment location and status, carrier performance, the occurrence of disruptions and send you alerts upon successful deliveries. BI-driven cloud-based software offers trend analytics to guide shipping rates and carrier selection, enabling your business to perform better than its competitors and to satisfy your customers.

At ShipBots, we specialize in providing order fulfillment services by utilizing contemporary solutions such as digital inventory and cloud-based shipping. With us, you get a more affordable shipping options, faster delivery, and efficient order fulfillment processes. Not only do we select the perfect packaging for your products, but we also care about reduced carbon emissions and providing trackable order shipments. For more details regarding our shipping costs and consultation regarding cloud-based shipping, you may get in touch with our team of shipping experts.

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