Ship Internationally with Passport DDP Services

Passport is the #1 international package shipping carrier for eCommerce, with best-in-class logistics and an easy-to-use duty and tax calculator for Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) services. With Passport as our partner and your international shipping solution, you can expect a streamlined international eCommerce fulfillment and shipping operation. We work with Passport to provide worry free shipping and a seamless DDP experience. Improve your customers’ checkout and post-purchase experience with ShipBots and Passport!


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3 Easy Steps

Going global has never been simpler

warehouse near me
warehouse near me

1. Collect applicable taxes and duties immediately at checkout

2. Ship with our generated Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) label

3. Satisfy your customers with a seamless DDP experience

warehouse near me

More than just picking, packing and shipping.

More than one way to ship

We’ll work with you to select the best option for your business, customers, and brand.


International shipping without tracking for cost conscious customers and non-time sensitive shipments.


  • Low cost
  • Untracked
  • Bonus virtual milestones


  • First-class customer support
  • Branded tracking


Ideal for trackable international shipments that are not subject to duties or taxes in most countries


  • Delivered duties unpaid (DDU)
  • Door to door tracking
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Real-time notifications


  • First-class customer support
  • Branded tracking


Best suited for high value shipments that are fully tracked with delivery duties paid upfront


  • Delivered Duties Paid (DDP)
  • Duties and taxes automatically calculated at checkout
  • Door to door tracking
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Real-time notifications


  • First-class customer support
  • Branded tracking
Going global doesn’t have to be complicated. Partnering with ShipBots and Passport simplifies the
international parcel shipping process so that together, we can deliver the experience your international
customers deserve while helping you reach your global potential.

Increased Conversion Rates

International customers often have doubts about ordering online from a different country due to customs fees or delays. They’re even more likely to abandon cart once they see the surprise duties and taxes upon delivery, driving them to refuse delivery and return the product(s) back to the original seller.
With Passport and ShipBots, you can automatically charge taxes and duties at checkout to prevent surprise fees and costs for the customer. Presenting these fees upfront via our landed cost solution has shown to increase conversion rate by 30%.

Decreased Support Issues

When customers refuse delivery upon seeing the taxes and duties, sellers receive a chargeback on their account. Customers may also submit a support ticket in hopes to resolve the issue.

Sellers can prevent ticket inundation by implementing Priority DDP so that customers see all the duties, taxes, and fees that are to be collected immediately at checkout. With DDP, international support tickets are reduced by up to 50% and virtually all packages are accepted upon delivery.

Optimized Checkout Experience

Displaying duties, taxes, and fees at checkout shows that the business is transparent and honest; it also answers most international customers’ questions before they even have to ask. This helps eliminate pre-purchase inquiries so that your customer service team can focus on other issues that require more immediate attention.

Improved Post-Purchase Experience

Once international orders are fulfilled by us, you and your customers will be able to track their package in real-time from shipment origin to end-destination. During transit and after delivery, our in-house customer support team will handle all inquiries regarding the order whether its delivery exceptions or product issues upon arrival. We make sure that your customers’ post-purchase experience is pleasant every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there really "no contract"?

New Project
Yes! We do not have a legally binding contract, but we do have a master service agreement (MSA) in place to protect both parties.

What is the Monthly Maintenance Fee?

New Project
We have a monthly maintenance fee that covers premium personal account management and one software connection. This is separate from any storage fees.

What are batches?

New Project
When fulfilling subscription boxes or crowdfunding orders, we set up an assembly line to kit “batches” of orders. A batch is a unique set of orders that have exactly the same combination of items in them. In order for the assembly line to be effective, there needs to be at least 50 orders in each batch. If not, there is a $15 batching fee to compensate for the lack of orders in each batch.

Can you handle fragile products? Does it cost extra?

New Project
We will examine your products and suggest custom packaging based on on your specific needs. If you have pre-exsiting requirements, just let us know and we’ll accommodate those as well. We do charge an additional $.50/item for bubble pouches or other fragile packaging.

Can I provide my own custom packaging?

New Project
Absolutely! We know how important building your brand is and custom packaging is an amazing opportunity that can greatly enhance your customer’s perception of your product and brand. Custom boxes will be billed as an additional item for each order.

Do you offer storage insurance?

New Project

When you store your inventory with us, you have two options to insure your product:

1) You add our location to your insurance policy

2) You choose to waive inventory insurance

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the setup of your business and the value of your product, you can decide which option is best for your business.

Do you offer gift messages and how much does it cost?

New Project

Yes! ShipBots has gift message options that allow you to easily include messages and bestow “gift status” to any order.

Here are the 3 options to choose from:

1) Include gift message on the Packing Slip. (Free)

2) Include gift message on a blank 4Ă—6 card provided by ShipBots ($1)

3) Include gift message on a custom 4Ă—6 card, provided by you. ($0.80 + insert pick fee)

*Gift messaging needs to be supported by your shopping cart.

What qualifies as a "special project?"

New Project
A special project is a non-standard task that can still include everything from kitting & assembly to labeling or inventory reconciliation. All special projects should be submitted to your customer service rep, so they can define the scope and provide a custom quote for the project prior to execution.

Automate your Passport DDP Services with Shipbots.


Transparent pricing. Simple pricing based on volume of orders. No hidden fees.

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