Apparel Fulfillment

ShipBots has significant experience in the eCommerce apparel space, along with the capability to adjust to the ever expanding fashion world. With warehouses near the LAX airport, Long Beach harbor, and across the rest of the United States, we are able to provide affordable 2-day shipping.

Modern retail is based on sourcing and selling thousands of units of a single SKU, while resale requires reclaiming and reselling thousands of unique items. It’s a costly, time-intensive operation that we continue to optimize and invest in and have proven to scale to work with the world’s leading brands.

Some Apparel Clients

Inventory Management

You are allowed 24/7 access to your inventory to know exactly how much product you have and when you need to order more.

Fast Processing

We will process your orders in 24 to 48 hours to ensure that you retain your customers and they have a positive ordering experience.


We use a bar coding system to track your inventory, accelerate the picking & packing process allowing your product to be delivered faster.

Returns/ Exchanges

We have a specialized portal, fully customizable to your needs for your customers to ease the process of returns and exchanges.

Apparel Packaging and Handling

Across all fashion products, there is a need for special packaging and handling procedures to keep the integrity of the product. For example, a blazer needs to be folded in a particular way to ensure it keeps its structure. Furthermore, items like handbags and shoes need to be filled with filler paper so they are not crushed in the packing and shipping process. As for jewelry, due to its fragility, it is usually packed in multiple boxes.

At ShipBots, we embrace the nuances of the fashion space and have the experience (and capabilities) to handle even the most complex packaging and handling needs.

Branded Packaging Materials

At ShipBots, we don’t believe the customer experience ends when the order is placed, but when the customer is satisfied with their product. Creating a remarkable “unboxing” experience for your customer aids in their experience with your product. Branded, custom packaging leaves a lasting impression on your customers and it may be the first time they interact with your brand in person. This is why it is important to us at ShipBots that you are able to create a lasting impact on your customers through your designed packaging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there really "no contract"?

New Project
Yes! We do not have a legally binding contract, but we do have a master service agreement (MSA) in place to protect both parties.

What is the Monthly Maintenance Fee?

New Project
We have a monthly maintenance fee that covers premium personal account management and one software connection. This is separate from any storage fees.

What are batches?

New Project
When fulfilling subscription boxes or crowdfunding orders, we set up an assembly line to kit “batches” of orders. A batch is a unique set of orders that have exactly the same combination of items in them. In order for the assembly line to be effective, there needs to be at least 50 orders in each batch. If not, there is a $15 batching fee to compensate for the lack of orders in each batch.

Can you handle fragile products? Does it cost extra?

New Project
We will examine your products and suggest custom packaging based on on your specific needs. If you have pre-exsiting requirements, just let us know and we’ll accommodate those as well. We do charge an additional $.50/item for bubble pouches or other fragile packaging.

Can I provide my own custom packaging?

New Project
Absolutely! We know how important building your brand is and custom packaging is an amazing opportunity that can greatly enhance your customer’s perception of your product and brand. Custom boxes will be billed as an additional item for each order.

Do you offer storage insurance?

New Project

When you store your inventory with us, you have two options to insure your product:

1) You add our location to your insurance policy

2) You choose to waive inventory insurance

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the setup of your business and the value of your product, you can decide which option is best for your business.

Do you offer gift messages and how much does it cost?

New Project

Yes! ShipBots has gift message options that allow you to easily include messages and bestow “gift status” to any order.

Here are the 3 options to choose from:

1) Include gift message on the Packing Slip. (Free)

2) Include gift message on a blank 4×6 card provided by ShipBots ($1)

3) Include gift message on a custom 4×6 card, provided by you. ($0.80 + insert pick fee)

*Gift messaging needs to be supported by your shopping cart.

What qualifies as a "special project?"

New Project
A special project is a non-standard task that can still include everything from kitting & assembly to labeling or inventory reconciliation. All special projects should be submitted to your customer service rep, so they can define the scope and provide a custom quote for the project prior to execution.

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