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ShipBots is a leading provider of 3PL logistics, offering cutting-edge solutions to streamline supply chain operations. Specializing in 3PL warehouse services, ShipBots ensures that inventory management, order fulfillment, and distribution are handled with utmost efficiency.

By leveraging advanced technology and a highly skilled team, ShipBots optimizes every aspect of 3PL logistics, from receiving and storing products to picking, packing, and shipping orders.

3PL & Fulfillment You Can Trust

Businesses partnering with ShipBots benefit from reduced operational costs, enhanced customer satisfaction, and the ability to scale effortlessly. With a commitment to excellence, ShipBots stands out as a premier choice for comprehensive 3PL warehouse and logistics services.

Advanced Management Dashboard Experience the next-gen Shipbots dashboard offering a holistic view of your inventory. Assure optimal business decisions with complete command over orders and stock. Unlike conventional 3PL systems, our dashboard is user-friendly and presents real-time stock updates.

Real-Time Data Updates Shipbots guarantees real-time data synchronization. Witness immediate updates to your stock levels across all sales platforms. Enjoy unbridled control with instant order modifications.

Full-scale Automation Trust Shipbots to autonomously manage and optimize your sales operations. It's like having an AI-powered ally, ensuring you have comprehensive oversight while enabling you to concentrate on business growth.

Order Cut-Offs We set the bar with a same-day 12pm order cut-off from Monday to Friday, outpacing other 3PLs. In a world where customers expect lightning-fast deliveries, our extended order cut-offs can skyrocket sales and bolster your online presence.

Weekend Order Processing Shipbots introduces Saturday processing, ensuring Monday deliveries for weekend orders. Unlike other 3PLs, avoid Monday backlogs and guarantee timely deliveries.

Exclusive Pricing Model As a select 3PL partnering with distinguished businesses, we emphasize excellence. Our tailored proposals cater to dynamic D2C e-commerce brands. Our transparent pricing is devoid of hidden costs.

Competitive Shipping Rates Through strategic collaborations with couriers, Shipbots ensures the most economical shipping rates.

Priority Support Every Shipbots partner benefits from top-tier support. With us, long wait times are history. We understand the importance of swift resolutions for maintaining brand reputation.

Expert Technical Assistance Mistakes happen. Regardless of your tech expertise, our adept e-commerce squad is at your service whenever you need.

Specialized Onboarding Joining Shipbots? Be greeted by a dedicated Onboarding Specialist. Our Hypercare initiative in the first 14 days guarantees a hassle-free transition.

Effortless Migration Team Moving to Shipbots from another 3PL? Our specialized team ensures a smooth transition without operational hiccups.

Fulfilment Mastery Shipbots promises a fluid fulfillment solution, encompassing automated customs and affordable shipping across the globe.

E-Commerce Pioneers Born from firsthand e-commerce experiences, Shipbots stands tall with years in the domain. Our team accumulates 100+ years of shared wisdom.

B2B Excellence Choosing Shipbots means choosing an enhanced solution over conventional B2C alternatives.

Transparent Invoicing Our straightforward billing assures clarity on all charges. With Shipbots, anticipate zero surprise costs.

Prompt Inventory Checks We understand the importance of stock availability. Shipbots checks your deliveries within a day, a feat unmatched by other 3PLs.

Innovative Tech Development Shipbots technology, developed in-house, ensures continuous feature rollouts, tailored for e-commerce fulfillment.

Continuous Upgrades All Shipbots enhancements become an integral part of your offering. Stay ahead with our regularly introduced state-of-the-art features.

New Features Any new features Shipbots implements are added as a standard part of your service. Our customers benefit from our rapidly evolving, cutting-edge features being released on a regular basis

12pm same day

24 Hours

Other 3PLs

24 hrs prior


3-14 days

Bin Location


Per Week
Large Bin Dimensions: 16″ x 14″ x 18″ or 2.3 ft3



Per Week

Pallet Dimensions:
40″ x 48″ x 65″ or 64 ft3

Included within your 3PL warehousing services

Discounted Shipping Options

ShipBots receives heavily discounted shipping rates with every major carrier and the best part is that we pass these discounts on to you and your customers

Immediate Customer Support

Each ShipBots customer will have access to a dedicated team member to answer any questions or concerns regarding your account and orders

Warehouse Receiving Photos

As an additional layer of quality control, we take photos of all new SKUs upon receiving so we have a visual reference of the items we’re picking and you’re managing in our software


Your dedicated team member will help you find the best and most cost-effective way to deliver your product to ShipBots facility most likely through Air freight, Ocean Freight or DHL Express

Order/Inventory Management Software

Our software syncs with your online shopping carts and marketplaces to track inventory levels, so you can forecast when you need to reorder more inventory

Order Processing and Preparation

We ship to 180+ countries, so international orders are treated the same as domestic orders. You sell, we ship. No ridiculous additional cost.


On the rare occasion that a shipment gets lost, damaged or misdelivered we’ll help you file a claim with the carrier


All orders with a US address are verified to ensure they are “deliverable” as determined by the USPS. Our system will provide warning and errors if critical address information is missing.

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Transparent pricing. Simple pricing based on volume of orders. No hidden fees.

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